Bespoke Memorial Jewellery

Our beautiful memorial jewellery offers an alternative way to preserve the memory of a loved one. Encasing ashes within resins is a wonderful way to encapsulate the spirit and essence of your loved one, providing solace and support each and every day.

We provide a bespoke service, approaching the process with sensitivity and compassion, ensuring that your loved ones ashes are treated with the utmost respect and dignity, as we understand that your memories are precious, be it human or pet.

Each piece of high quality jewellery is individually created to your exact requirements, and offers a lasting memento for you, family or friends. As our solid silver pendants are the most popular we carry them in stock. Other pieces are available to order, in silver or gold, and made to your requirements, prices on request.

We require a small amount of ash to allow for the creation of your unique piece of jewellery and any unused ash will be returned to you with your finished piece.

An order pack is available for collection, or can be posted upon request Most pieces take approximately three/four weeks to complete, and payment must be made on order.

Please phone to arrange an appointment to allow for discussion to ensure your needs are fully met.

Contact Sally on 07979 497450 or follow us on Facebook.